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Kyzen Technology, we leverage our experience in Business Process Optimization, end-to-end IT solutions and Infrastructure services to provide comprehensive solutions that will help you accelerate product innovation, achieve operational excellence, attain greater profitability and maintain market leadership.

We are a leader in delivering practical business strategies and technology solutions to have your business ready and optimize your business. Kyzen draws on the knowledge and expertise of our consultants who have deep change management experience including managing risk, mobilizing staff and integrating initiatives to deliver sustainable change quickly.

Kyzen can leverage our offshore centers to provide cost effective solution that balances on-site and off-site resources in delivering high quality technology solutions helping clients maintain their edge in innovation and rapid response to changing market conditions. We work with clients to understand their unique business needs, develop and implement solutions that provide measurable value quickly. We also transfer our deep industry, business, and application knowledge throughout each engagement

Our clients value our responsiveness, flexibility and authentic desire to help them meet, and often exceed, their goals. They benefit from our balanced view of strategy, people, process and technology, as well as the stability and innovation.

We cover various industries including Banking, Higher education, Defense, healthcare, Security; Manufacturing industries- Aerospace, Auto, EPC, Mill products, Oil & Gas; Service Industries- BPO services, Retail, Utilities, Telecom,

One stop shop for - Digital transformation through technology and services:

  • Technology and services

    • • Development and Implementation Consulting
      • Business ready Services and Optimization
      • Web development, mobile application
      • ERP- Customization of Platforms
      • Collaboration Platforms
      • Workflow Development
      • IT- Product Development
      • Infrastructure Strategy Deployment
      • Mobile development
      • Share Point development – Forms , Workflows and Repositories

  • Product/ Application Development and Maintenance Services

    • • Custom Application Developnet-J2EE & .NET
      • Open Source technologies
      • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
      • Application Integration
      • Application Modernization

  • Application Outsourcing Services

    • • Application Maintenance and Support
      • Application Enhancements and Upgrades

      Mainframe Applications and Security

      • Migration- SOA- IBM, Oracle Technologies
      • Maintenance and Support
      • Cyber Security,

  • Technologies

    • ‣ Languages:

      ‣ Java
      ‣ PHP
      ‣ Python
      ‣ Ruby
      ‣ Android Programming
      ‣ iOS Programming
      ‣ Javascript

      ‣ Frameworks with high competency

      ‣ AngularJS , React , JQuery (Javascript)
      ‣ Symfony , Laravel
      ‣ Django , Flask

      ‣ Databases

      ‣ MySQL
      ‣ PostgreSQL
      ‣ CouchDB
      ‣ Couchbase Server

      ‣ Content Management Systems (Along with Integrations and Custom Plugins)

      ‣ Drupal
      ‣ Wordpress
      ‣ Moodle

      ‣ Dev Ops Solutions

      ‣ Docker
      ‣ Kubernetes
      ‣ OpenShift (Redhat)
      ‣ Rancher
      ‣ Ansible
      ‣ Chef

  • Digital transformation through technology and services:

    • • Cloud services

      • Data Center Management Capabilities - Monitoring, Deployment and Maintenance

      • QA and Testing Services

      • Functional , Performance, Integration , & System Testing

      • Regression Testing

      • Acceptance Testing

      • Implementation Testing

      • Setup and execution

      • Improving Key Operational Processes

  • Recent work

    • Project Collaboration Tool:

      Enables users to connect each other from remote location via a common wall (Natural presence) which simulates the users as they are next to one another in the room.

      Data Analytics Platform:

      We have designed a tool to audit and monitor the IT infrastructure of the product through this specific application.

      HR System:

      Developed a HR Management system using Odoo(an opensource ERP). It includes all the features of HRM such as Employee Database, Recruitment, Appraisal, Leave, Payroll According, CSV import export, Reporting Analysis.

      CRM System:

      Developed a CRM system. An odoo instance was up in his system with full featured CRM functionalities. Customer screen was enhanced to include the KAD, DOY, IKA details


      Developed a data visualization chart for given financial data using Bayesian and Arima classification algorithms.


      Developed a full functional ERP system with all features for a service based company. The features include CRM, HRM, Project Management, Sales Management , Multicompany, Accounting, Reporting Analysis.

      DATA Management:

      Developed a data management system using CKAN, an opensource data management tool which enables users to enter their data for analysis. Database replication is also done for high availability.

      Sales & Warehouse:

      Developed a Sales & warehouse management system which includes all features of sales and warehouse management such as product management, sales flow, stock flow, invoice flow, accounting.

      Fatca Compliance tool-

      Provide companies with the ability to easily comply with FATCA regulatory reporting, designed by international compliance and IT experts, adheres to a full range of international standards, and supports multiple rule bases with specifics for different jurisdictions and reporting year.


Analytics to drive performance. Empower leaders with key metrics to help make decisions

  • Information Management
  • KPI’s – Business Functions
  • Automate and reduce costs
  • Advanced analytics and modelling

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