Quality Management

Kyzen Consultants have deep expertise in guiding companies in design, development, training and implementation of Quality Management Systems in compliance with ISO 9000, QS 9000, TL9000, etc.

We leverage our process improvement expertise and impart the knowledge while laying the foundation of the management system and optimizing your processes. Our process based system is metric oriented with emphasis on continual improvement and customer satisfaction. We leverage our offshore engineers to compile reports on non-conformances, corrective actions, supplier quality reviews allowing, supplier performance & scorecards allowing companies to ensure timely communications internally and with suppliers. Our engineers work directly in the customers ERP to manage quality reports.

Our supplier quality and management services help companies in setting direction in selection, development of supplier to be included in their Approved Supplier Lists. We provide consulting in auditing, first article approval /PPAP, pilot and production approval. Our engineers create quality plans and quality control inspection plan/datasheets and help in development of products. We have preferred suppliers in India that we partner with to take projects from concept to prototype to production.

We can also help with field problem reporting and warranty management. We can design customized online reporting and workflow systems to handle QMS and Field problem reporting. We can have also designed processes for timely return of supplier materials and taking debits against future invoices.

  • Deployment and consulting

    • •ISO 9001:2000 based Quality Management System

      • Development and Implementation

      • Process and Quality Plan documentation

      • Quality Specialists

      • Quality Plans and Dossiers

      • Audits

      • Source Inspection

      • Incorporate /Insert from word doc

  • Supply Management

    • • Supplier identification

      • Quality assessment and control

      • Costs

      • Supplier evaluation and approval

      • Supplier management

      • On-site development- Project Management

      • Metrics, schedule and reporting

      • Quality reports

      • Supplier Development/Process documentation and controls

  • Project Management

    • • Project Managers

      • Training

      • Project Specialists

      • Marketing

      • IT

      • Engineering

      • Manufacturing

      • Consulting model can be on-site, off-site and off-shore

  • Quality Management Services

    • • Compliance

      • Auditing

      • Quality Plans

      • e-Learning module development

      • Convert traditional training to e-learning modules

      • On-line training and documentation