Kyzen Technology, we leverage our experience in Business Process Optimization, end-to-end IT solutions and Infrastructure services to provide comprehensive solutions that will help you accelerate product innovation, achieve operational excellence, attain greater profitability and maintain market leadership.

We are a leader in delivering practical business strategies and technology solutions to have your business ready and optimize your business. Kyzen draws on the knowledge and expertise of our consultants who have deep change management experience including managing risk, mobilizing staff and integrating initiatives to deliver sustainable change quickly.

Kyzen can leverage our offshore centers to provide cost effective solution that balances on-site and off-site resources in delivering high quality technology solutions helping clients maintain their edge in innovation and rapid response to changing market conditions. We work with clients to understand their unique business needs, develop and implement solutions that provide measurable value quickly. We also transfer our deep industry, business, and application knowledge throughout each engagement

Our clients value our responsiveness, flexibility and authentic desire to help them meet, and often exceed, their goals. They benefit from our balanced view of strategy, people, process and technology, as well as the stability and innovation.

We cover various industries including Banking, Higher education, Defense, healthcare, Security; Manufacturing industries- Aerospace, Auto, EPC, Mill products, Oil & Gas; Service Industries- BPO services, Retail, Utilities, Telecom,

One stop shop for - Digital transformation through technology and services:

  • Technology and services

    • • Development and Implementation Consulting
      • Business ready Services and Optimization
      • Web development, mobile application
      • ERP- Customization of Platforms
      • Collaboration Platforms
      • Workflow Development
      • IT- Product Development
      • Infrastructure Strategy Deployment

  • Product/ Application Development and Maintenance Services

    • • Custom Application Developnet-J2EE & .NET
      • Open Source technologies
      • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
      • Application Integration
      • Application Modernization

  • Application Outsourcing Services

    • • Application Maintenance and Support
      • Application Enhancements and Upgrades

      Mainframe Applications and Security

      • Migration- SOA- IBM, Oracle Technologies
      • Maintenance and Support
      • Cyber Security,

  • Technologies

    • ‣ Languages:

      ‣ Java
      ‣ PHP
      ‣ Python
      ‣ Ruby
      ‣ Android Programming
      ‣ iOS Programming
      ‣ Javascript

      ‣ Frameworks with high competency

      ‣ AngularJS , React , JQuery (Javascript)
      ‣ Symfony , Laravel
      ‣ Django , Flask

      ‣ Databases

      ‣ MySQL
      ‣ PostgreSQL
      ‣ CouchDB
      ‣ Couchbase Server

      ‣ Content Management Systems (Along with Integrations and Custom Plugins)

      ‣ Drupal
      ‣ Wordpress
      ‣ Moodle

      ‣ Dev Ops Solutions

      ‣ Docker
      ‣ Kubernetes
      ‣ OpenShift (Redhat)
      ‣ Rancher
      ‣ Ansible
      ‣ Chef

  • Digital transformation through technology and services:

    • • Cloud services

      • Data Center Management Capabilities - Monitoring, Deployment and Maintenance

      • QA and Testing Services

      • Functional , Performance, Integration , & System Testing

      • Regression Testing

      • Acceptance Testing

      • Implementation Testing

      • Business Process Outsourcing-BPO

      • Setup and execution

      • Improving Key Operational Processes

      ( Insert from word write up for BPO)

      We follow agile methodology for most of our projects. Most of our sprints are 2 weeks with deployment at the end of it. Varying as per customer requirements(some of us have 1 week sprints) Can adjust to multiple methodologies depending on the customer needs. Use JIRA Tracking for all our projects All of our code is committed to a central version control repository (SVN or Git) All of our code is reviewed using ReviewBoard before they are committed to repositories QA focus mostly on automated testing and all smoke testing is 100% Automated.

  • Global Development Centers- GDC

    • • Establish center of excellence in India

      • Indian Legal Entity: Joint Ownership or Subsidiary

      • Business units

      • Engineering centers

      • Supply Chain

      • IT- Business consultants

      • Infrastructure establishment and management

      •Manage day to day operations

      • HR- Hiring and Employee welfare requirements

      • Statutory compliances in India

      • Models:

      • Center of Excellence

      • Virtual or Dedicated

      • Transfer of ownership after pre-determined period.

Kyzen offers integrated BPO solutions across Customer Lifecycle and Back-office Lifecycle Management services.

We partner with our sister companies in India to offer clients Offshore IT Development, Engineering Offshore Development Centers( ODC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) specializing in Insurance, Medical services, Finance, IT product development.

We offer fully modern day infrastructure facilities and connectivity at our center in Chennai, India. Integrating highly trained people with state-of-the-art technology and proven business methodologies, Kyzen collaborates with clients to help them excel in their industry and maximize their customer lifetime value.

Outsourcing your business processes with us , collaborating with us on Joint venture opportunities or Build Operate and Transfer(BOT) model , all yield excellent cost savings, Improved customer satisfaction, superior delivery model, overcomes local human resources constraints.

Strategically, we have help customer in reducing product costs via direct manufacturing investments and sourcing activities in India to further leverage the local tactical purchasing group.

Our ODC/BPO expertise spans:

• Engineering
• IT product development
• Healthcare and Insurance
• Human Resources
• Finance and Administration
• Quality
• Procurement and Supply Chain Management