Digital transformation through technology and services:

We follow agile methodology for most of our projects. Most of our sprints are 2 weeks with deployment at the end of it. Varying as per customer requirements(some of us have 1 week sprints) Can adjust to multiple methodologies depending on the customer needs. Use JIRA Tracking for all our projects All of our code is committed to a central version control repository (SVN or Git) All of our code is reviewed using ReviewBoard before they are committed to repositories QA focus mostly on automated testing and all smoke testing is 100% Automated.

• Cloud services

• Data Center Management Capabilities - Monitoring, Deployment and Maintenance

• QA and Testing Services

• Functional , Performance, Integration , & System Testing

• Regression Testing

• Acceptance Testing

• Implementation Testing

• Business Process Outsourcing-BPO

• Setup and execution

• Improving Key Operational Processes ( Insert from word write up for BPO)

End to End solutions to delight customers

Creative design to production

Customer experience



Mobile applications & testing

Internet of things and connected products