Engineering Services Overview

Kyzen Engineering provides Services in the area of Product, Plant Design and Validation with a proven process and methodology in identifying, understanding, executing and managing critical projects.

Some of our Engineering Services includes:-

• Conversion of 2D Engineering drawings to 3D parametric solid modeling.
• Reverse Engineering
• Surface modeling / aesthetic design
• Customization / Automation for individual product lines
• Release of product drawings

Our Services

  • Legacy Data Migration / Digitization

    • Legacy data conversion and migration services available. We perform 2D Drafting, reproduction of Print Drawings both manually and using raster to vector conversion.

    • We are conversant with major drafting standards such as ANSI, ISO, DIN and JIS. Our outputs will be production ready with annotations: geometric dimensioning and tolerance symbols, welding symbols, etc.

  • 2D to 3D Conversion

    • Conversion of 2D Drawings from the print, dwg / dxf or image format to high quality feature based parametric3D models.

  • Part Library Creation

    • During the course of 2D to 3D conversion we extend creation of part library as a service during the 3D Modeling process.

  • 3D to 2D Conversion

    • Development of 2D drawings from the models generated by designers. Typically for reverse engineered and concept models, there is a need for creating product and manufacturing drawings.

  • 3D Parametric Solid and Surface Modeling

    • We have expertise and facility to generate 3D feature based parametric models (with part history) for Casting, Sheet metal components, Plastic products etc.

  • Surface Modeling

    • Surface Modeling is one vertical, in which our product design team involves in generating aesthetic features to improve the styling appearance of the products. We can provide the product concepts fpr review and presentation after rendering and creating animations for realistic appeal.

  • Reverse Engineering

    • Reverse Engineering techniques are used to convert the given physical models or image files of the product using CAD tools to obtain required levels of accuracy and integrity.

  • Assembly Modeling & Animation

    • Create multiple configurations of the assemblies, corresponding materials to the components and generate assembly drawing with Bill of Materials.

    • Animation of the working model and capture exploded views for review and presentation of product functionality.

  • Customization

    • Reduce repetitive tasks to save time, minimize costs and to ensure timely deliverables.

    • Our Engineers will understand your product lines, application and functioning and then generate software requirement specification (SRS) to customize the product as per your requirement.

Our Expertise to diverse Industries

Our client base is testament to the superior quality of Engineering Services we deliver. A select list of our clients:

• Value Automation Companies.
• World’s Leading Manufacturer of Power Generators
• Construction and Mining Equipment manufacturer
• Diesel and Natural Gas Engineer Manufacturer
• Industrial Gas Turbines Manufacturing Company
• Refinery operations